Gurgaon Councillor Elections – Nisha wins

Nisha has won her election for MCG Ward 30. Congratulations to her, and everyone who supported this dream of an “outsider” making a mark. Time to deliver! (more on

Nisha’s victory was a revelation to me personally in many senses. The rural turnout of 92% versus urban under 50%; the block voting from rural areas for a single candidate; but against these odds, the ability for a first timer to win reinforced my faith in our institution of democracy. Hopefully, Nisha can help fulfill expectations of both those blocks.

And to other people passionate about making a change, but feeling left outside the system, “Yes, you can!”

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  1. Well done Neha! Now comes the hard task of delivering results. I’d suggest pressure be put on the Haryana government to implement urbanisation governance reforms (e.g. those outlined in BFN

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