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Government For India

British government for India was devised not for development but for control.

Independent India carried on with the same structure of governance with little tweaking & lots bloating

Organisations are designed for desired outcomes. There is ubiquitous unanimity that governance in India needs to be far more effective & efficient.

Surely the colonial government design cannot be constitutionally cocooned. Independent India must design anew a governance organization to serve & not to rule.

A TQM methodology alongwith sound OD principles must be applied to evolve an administration structure that serves the nation & its citizens.

IAS replaced ICS. Motivation of IAS aspirants is largely Power & being close to power. Besides Security.

Corporations look for achievement as the prime motivation & only those who have it are successful in leadership positions.

Every IAS, IPS, IFS is in a leadership position without job knowledge, KRAs, objectives & accountabilities in place.

Seems the prime objective is promotions & postings at desirable locations. Secretary, Joint Secretary, DCP, et al are grades not functional designations. They are akin to GM, VP & such. Job Title must be based on responsibility & accountability not hierarchy.

But Hierarchy is paramount as deep down we have imbibed Raja culture. Till date school text books glorify royalty far more than achievers. There is an innate strong need to seek those whose feet one can touch.

Instead of intelligence, we have put king sized egos on pedestal & continue to do so. And the systems & structures support the same. We must alter the system to downsize egos. E.g. each IPS officer must do the beat, write down FIRs & directly interact with the public who pays his salary. On the minimum let an SHO be an IPS.

Change has to be concurrent at political, bureaucratic & worker layers. We are far too top heavy. The politician & the bureaucrat, both view themselves, as policy makers. Who then shall execute?

We have wonderful laws & keep on adding even more ambitious ones, far removed from the ground reality. It is illegal to be hungry, uneducated, give dowry, be a child worker or employer & what not.

All this actually makes our country a lawless land as the executors & enforcers don’t even know the law, those who do know are in ivory towers & do not wish to soil their linen or dirty their hands.

One can keep going but the case for need for change is already overstated. It is time we hire external OD experts to redesign governance structures.