Pro-life = Anti-Planet (as of now)

All life consumes Earth, our host planet

More life = More consumption

Population of species other than human is regulated by Laws of Nature

Human population has been burgeoning exponentially due to human intervention (

This intervention is essentially Pro-Life

Morality & Religion want us to be ‘humane’

All subjects of Humanities – Civics, Politics, Economics, etc have been devised on the principle of Pro-life. Also, Medicine & Sciences.

All progress has been to protect & grow life – the human life.

Despite non-stop wars, diseases, poverty, hunger – the net outcome is that the planet is thriving with humans & growing.

Human over-population of the planet earth is the primary problem that needs to be tackled.

If we do not address this, Mother Gaia shall do so by making the planet un-inhabitable for us.

It is not the Planet Earth that is endangered rather the species of homo sapiens.

Planet shall survive, we wont.

That a paradigm shift in the way we conduct our affairs on the Planet is necessary – has been rather evident for well over a decade now.

Powers that can be change agents seem paralysed. Even Gore was ignored. Because of models that have worked well so-far but are innately faulty as they assume a limitless earth. Democracy needs voters & Economy needs consumers. Both devise populist strategies that encourage growth in number of people. To them simply – voters & customers.

Food Security Ordinance & earlier NREGA, are designed to win elections. That they are fundamentally faulty has to be known to at least some amongst the policymakers.

Earth has reached a tipping point. The warning signals are everywhere. Writing is clear on the wall that there simply are not enough resources to support the current levels of human population.

India would be the earliest to confront this bitter truth as it carries 20% of population on 2% of the planet (

Most of us know BPR – Business Process Re-engineering. We need to re-engineer the way we live. That starts with the way we think. Social-re-engineering is the need of the hour (

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