Swaraj – Story of Hivre Bazar

Arvind Kejriwal came and spoke to some of us about the need for local self governance and direct democracy at grassroot levels. Essentially, why it makes sense for people to take decisions collectively, rather than through elected representatives, at the local level. As a living example of potential effectiveness of such a model, he shared this video about Hiware Bazaar. Over last twenty years, Hiware Bazar has transformed itself into a “model village” and transformed the lives of people there – right from per capita income to water adequacy, afforestation, land holdings and so on. Take a look (you might have to “Download Video” to watch it in its entirety).

Other links on Hiware bazar here and here.

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  1. santosh patil says:

    Really inspiring village & Popatrao pawar
    i see the sotry about of hirve bazaar on 26 Jan 2011 in IBM lokmath

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