Provide Feedback on Right to Sex Legislation

Amidst all the bills on right to education, food & employment, one right for which no legislation is required is right to reproduce.

As if it is a birthright: as in right to give birth.

A pre-requisite right which also is unspoken is right to get married.

It is taken for granted that everyone deserves to get married & breed.

Hardly an argument there but must the marriage be delivered on a platter?

‘Naukri & Chaukri’- ‘Livelihood & Spouse’ are the two fundamental goals that we must be competent to attain.

They ought not to be arranged by ‘Pitaji’s’ sifarish & ‘Mataji’s’ goodwill.

These are necessary rites to adulthood for which we get 20+ years to prepare.

How to woo & court, seduce & mate are as essential to learn as the fourier transforms.

Otherwise there is no growing up, simply growing old.

Just as we compete for jobs so we must compete for mates. We got to earn these life rewards not merely have our parents arrange them for us.

Competition breeds competences and society as a whole benefits by honing the quality of the next generation.

Not everyone will succeed as not everyone ought to succeed. This is a fundamental realization that we must accept.

Just as some students will fail in exams, some employees will be fired for incompetence, not every male will be successful in courtship and not every female

will be able to attract a spouse. As simple as that.

As it stands, it is far too simple, the bar is too low. If one is unable to secure a spouse in Haryana, one can always buy a bride from Assam.

It is simply trafficking under the guise of holy institution of marriage.

The supply as well as demand for such brides & grooms is non stop & plentiful

What’s worse is that both the bride & groom are products of marriages of convenience and in turn shall breed more candidates.

Talk about a self-perpetuating system. This is surely one.

In such a system where ugly, infirm, psycopaths, incompetent, the evolutionary laggards find it so easy to breed,

the next generation’ qualitative enhancement is severly impeded if not eroded.

The process of natural selection is simply bypassed. A blatant violation of a natural law in the name of “culture”.
Sexual urge is natural too and attempts to realise that urge is totally legitimate.

Must the desire for sexual fulfillment equate getting married.

Perhaps the Haryanvi would not need to marry the Assamese if an outlet for sexual urge was handy.

India has the world’s largest number of prostitutes but in the eye of law they are virtually non existent.

And in the eye of morality, they are repugnant.

We are okay with sex as an act of procreation but not as an act of recreation.

Why cant a person who might be aware enough of his or her inability to afford marriage &/or offspring, cant simply enjoy guilt free sex.

(S)He would be doing society a big favour.

By afford, I am not suggesting finances alone, it takes emotional maturity & life understanding to be effective parents.

So, inadvertently, we encourage child marriages. They might be legally of age but the couple may have only that as a qualification.

Both enter marriage with little or no maturity emotionally or sexually.

It is unlikely that they are going to discuss contraception before conssummation.

Other than condom, all other contraception has to practiced by female.

If she explores that subject prior to wedding she runs the risk of being viewed as promiscuous.

Inexperienced male on the wedding night is anxiety ridden to deflower and condom is an unwelcome pullback to prove his manhood.

I bet the first born in most such marriages is conceived within the first few months of the wedding night.

Second born is then rationalised to complete family.

The cycle continues.

It is well established that the cultures that are liberated in views on sex are now faced with the problem of a negative population growth.

Governance in such nations is attemtping incentives to breed.

Governace need in India is exactly the opposite.

It calls for social engineering, moral relaxation, effective lawmaking.

Indeed what is needed is a law for Right to Sex.

Effectively delineating that from right to marry or breed.

For that the law of nature must prevail.

2 Responses to “Provide Feedback on Right to Sex Legislation”

  1. I don’t get it. Is someone stopping you from marrying of your own accord, or from pre-marital sex?

    Why should we invest our time asking for laws FOR an action where there is no law preventing you from such an action? Go ahead, do the do; the only guilt you feel is your own, there are dozens who have no such qualms.

    Btw, in a related argument, it’s quite apparent now that a smaller population or controlled population growth is not good for economies. The shrinking populations of Japan, China, the US and the scandinavian countries have increased average age, reducing the ratio of workers to retirees to the extent that in a few years the economic costs will be enormous.

  2. Naveen says:

    Indeed, you dont get it, there must be lack in my communication. Let me try again. First of all, there are many nations but only one earth which is not limitless in its capacity to support life & resultant activity. More life = More carbon emissions.

    That overall population on the earth needs to stabilise can hardly be debated. The argument that more people are needed so to ensure economic growth, if applied by all nations individually, would result in an innately unstable system, as where can it end. Economic systems are meant to support people, not the other way around, though obviously there is dependence. But both economies & people depend upon resources on earth and there is a definite limit to that.

    India would be the largest contributor to the population and our social systems encourage its ongoing growth. We have to devise ways to put a brake to this. Sex is the obvious cause of population and it is a powerful instinct that shall manifest against all restraints. Sexual crime is on rise and the stimulii is on rise too. Responsible controlled sex becomes difficult in a sexually frustrated person. And a large mass of workers, cops, soldiers, et al are away from there families in metros, borders, factories, farms & such. They need healthy, safe, affordable, guilt free sexual outlets. It might be useful to study what caused shrinking poopulation in the countries that you listed.

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