Vote on Right to Education Bill 2008

Right to Education Bill 2008 was passed in parliament last week. PRS provides MPs with legislative briefs on bills being introduced in the parliament, and I am happy to attach the brief here. Take a look at the key issues surrounding the bill, and tell us which way would you have voted, or your comments?

In future, we will put out some bills that are yet to come to the parliament, and hopefully pass back some of your feedback back to the MPs!

So vote and comment now!

Vote here:

Please feel free to leave any qualitative comments below.

1 Response to “Vote on Right to Education Bill 2008”

  1. Kavita Arora says:

    This Bill does not include ANY provision or mention of all schools schools providing for children with Disabilities or those who need accomodations to achieve the “free and compulsory education for all” target.
    So for e.g. do all schools needs to provide books in Braille, have ramps that accomodate access to the classroom, use multimodal methods of teaching including not just audio and visual, have provisions for children with Learning Disabilities? etc etc.

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